4 Minute Speech Topics - 3 Opinions

4 Minute speech topics for the persuasive public speaker including embryonic stem cell replacement, same sex marriage, and school choice programs for taking a side in a discussion as public speaking training:

Here I present the next part of my sixty seconds series: three hot issues for any engaged keynoter who wants to launch a vehement debate. The specific call in question is answered by assertions that follow logically as they conclude, and give strength to each one before. I think these arguments construct the four minutes firm. For your info: these are just inveigling examples, and not my personal opinions.

Embryonic Stem Cell Replacement Is Wrong

Main Point I The extraction of stem cells requires that an early human life is killed. As the unborn is still a living creature that moves and grows in the mothers' uterus.

II Patients treated with embryonic cells often get pulled through but in the long term they could suffer brain injuries.

III This form of medical research leads to the cloning of human beings. We already have exact duplicates of sheeps, pigs and cows, and the next move could be a real double - a reproduction of man.

IV And one step further (alternative 4 minute speech topic) we have to face only perfect and ideal boys and girls - delivered to new parents directly from laboratories.

Why Same Sex Marriage Is Incorrect

I Declines the respect for marriage as a historic social institution and family value that goes back ages ago.

It is well-preserved by our ancestors and the church, based on the study bibles fact that man has to Go Forth and Multiply (Crescite et Multiplicamini is Maryland' motto).

II It is one step towards other forms of formal agreements that are prohobited by law, like bigamy. Man have to behave themselves and slow down when it comes to unconvential sexual appetites.

Otherwise it will become Sodom and Gomorrah - a warning in Genesis 19 of the Holy Bible.

III Some world religions judge gay marriage as reprehensible or regrettable. Turn the study bibles verses inside out and yu have the proof for this.

School Choice Programs Enrich The Education System

I Force schools and colleges to innovate their edu performing standards, e.g. to increase student achievements measured in formal registers.

II School choice programs enable minority pupils to receive quality education.

III Encourage both parents to participate and commit to their children's future succes in life.

approved school choice programs

These public speaking topics could also serve as informative 4 minute speech topics and the best speechwriting ideas for other assignments.

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