3 Minute Speech Topics
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Four 3 minute speech topics and a framework of arguments for debating positions in favor or against the proposition on general pardon, income taxes, the death penalty, speeches on bullying, and hate speech regulation.

Use my sample persuasion outlines on the left navigation bar to expand the suggested plans with adequate supporting materials:

I Want No General Pardon For Criminals

Main Point I It reintegrates accused and convicted murderers and rapers into our society is frequently used to condone amnesty. But what if an offender is living next door?

II It will increase the rates of federal offenses immediately. State prosecutors will get massive and structural overtime.

III A general pardon is only based on political arguments and offenses the victims and family of lost persons. Politicians like to drag in by the head and shoulders the notorious criminological 'second chance' argument.

The Income Taxes Better Could Be Replaced With Sales Tax

I People are more likely to stimulate the economy by buying goods and making investments. If the charges on income and property are heightened, everyone will cut hs household and other budgets to avoid things go into the red.

Just like the snake that bites in his own tail ...

II It would save lots of bureacratic costs of filing and enforcing the income charges.

III The sales toll is easier to apply (you pay, and that is that) than the sometimes difficult to follow forms for income taxes. Above all, completing is a headache when you apply for compensation.

IV Payers can control the amount of taxes she or he have to pay in a certain way, they have sufficient in take-home pay at the end of the month, and they can spend it in stores, so the government get it's money anyway.

We Should Abolish The Death Penalty

Often used- and sometimes over-used 3 minute speech topics - but if you stick to the bare facts like these, you can make a fresh start:

I It is a cruel, barbarian and inhuman method of punishment.

II Ethnic minority people who can't afford expensive lawyers often are convicted.

III Miscarriages of justice can not be restored anymore.
IV To kill a human life is always morally wrong.

Hate Speech Regulation Is Wrong

I Any form of regulation suppresses the academic freedom of exchanging creative ideas.

II A ban keeps back our individual liberty and freedom to say and think as we want in speeches on bullying.

III Hate speech regulation is censorship in its purest shady bowdlerization silhouette.

censor hate speech regulations

These 3 minute speech topics are suited to frame a debate on short controversial issues for an arousing lecture in class or for taking side at tournaments:

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