25th Wedding Anniversary Speech 
Tips to Congratulate

25th wedding anniversary speech topics for someone who is asked to talk on nice subjects presenting seemly golden anniversary gifts and show courtesy with even engraved gifts to the marriage couple:

If it happens to be a party for glorifying two and a halve decades, then you want to bring in some appetizers that are appropriate for celebration.

Here are a few starters to help you in your ideation if you are going to write lines for this joyful occasion a lot of couples do not see the race to the respectable twenty five years :-)

1. Talk About the Time They Have Spent Together

Since this happy day is a jubilee, you should definitely point out that the couple has been together for 25 years, which is a huge milestone in their life and perhaps careers. As I said, many people do not reach that number.

They have for sure and you're giving festive emphasis to those long years and prominence to the man and woman who are the center of the attention.

So, make sure that you point this out in your 25th wedding anniversary speech, and compliment and congratulate the couple on their happy days together for such a long time :-) Reveal a pattern in their lives.

Perhaps they have been moved a few times due to a professional position of responsibility in their jobs, perhaps she start a half day job from home, after the children were born. My bottomline is this: find a before and after period.

2. Golden Anniversary Gifts Related Presentations
There are specials that could be given. You can use celebration gifts to wrap around some original 25th wedding anniversary speech topics.

Nice stories with a clue pointing to the present.

End with a congratulation toast with champagne or other sparkling white wine.

Silver is the traditional color for this anniversary, and you can mention this by making a tie to the subject; and present the gift.

3. Briefly Talk About the Way the Couple Met
Of course many people are often intrigued about the way the couple met, so it is a great idea to talk about the way they met and got together.

If they want to renew their marriage vows, use the rhetorical figure of comparising the actual date and the day of their lives twentyfive years back.

Perhaps their marriage vows include the promise to be a faithful partner in sickness and in health, in good times and in bad.

In that case refer only to better times, underscore the good and happy things. Sad stories are okay, as long as it ends with a smile on everyone face.

4. Their Special Projects
Congratulate them with their successful or special projects.

Guests of honour often have had big job or hobby achievements, they have followed a special course or passed an exam, made a long journey abroad, raised orphans, or even been volunteering for their community.

Do list all and give big compliments :-)

5. Thank the Person Who Organized the Celebration
Of course it's also very appropriate to thank the person who organized the dinner or party as one of your 25th wedding anniversary speech topics and even other celebrations.

twent-five-jubileeGive recognition for all hard work. Mention all the organizers in one sentence each.

Tell what they have done to make this a special day or night; master of ceremonies, the hosting family, the persons who provide food, the flavors and favors, decorations, and other party supplies.

If you are child of the happy couple, consider little engraved gifts or a present that represents the warmly or deeply appreciative feelings of kindness for your mum and dad :-)

Offer a flower bouquet with different colored roses arranged in a decorative glass vase. Once it is broken by accident they will remember the famous Dutch saying: broken glass brings luck :-)