2 Minute Speech Topics : 4 Illustrations

2 Minute speech topics plus what is the cloud notions for the main arguments of a shipshape short staging on Iraq, teleworking, term limits, and casino offers in classroom or for Toastmaster Internationals who want various essences for outlines:

Cons of the War in Iraq:

Main Point I Too many American troops and Iraqi civilians are killed. Time to build up the country with the help of the locals.

II The final cost of the combats are sky high and we are not able to collect those billions of dollars back. Even when we could rely on oil revenues and pay back sessions of the International Monetary Fund.

III The integrity and the world opinion of the USA is at risk if we stay. Our efforts ought to aspire sustaining democray in that nation and assist in democratic values and constituencies.

IV Iraq no longer forms a direct threat to our economic interests. The oil prices are lower than ever and the main petrol and gas producing members of the OPEC are free to trade and act accordingly.

Teleworking Is a Win-Win Solution:

Main Point I Reduces traffic jams in the early days of the week, and at the end of working hours at our main roads. but The latter are other 2 minute speech topics if you like :-)

II Reduces transportation pollution; as there are less passenger vehicles and heavy lorries on the road that leaven CO2 emissions.

III No late or non-arrival of employees any more. It saves society billions of dollars in terms of productivity and road maintenance.

IV Reduces child day care costs when both parents are hurrying and rushing.

V More time when urgently needed for family matters, like loving, caring, gaming, experiencing what is the cloud and so on.

Speech quote of Jessica Savitch Television news reporterPolitical Term Limits: An Evil Necessity:

I Avoid too much power in the same office of a small group of people in the long term.

II Nerds and totally incapable whimps will leave the stage after the limit. Sidebar: what about 2 minute speech topics on political failures?

III Career bureaucrats, media elites and professional lobby interest groups will replaced.

Online Casino Offers Are Dangerous:

I Getting your winner money after you cash out is a very slow traject.

II No form of appeal against in case of a dispute about the game or rules.

III It's very addicting and only a few people can resist the desire to try over and over again to win lost money back.

IV Your credit card balance will drop down in a snap.

V There is much more to tell about bad exeperiences with online casino offers, dive back into your own past perhaps ...