1 Minute Speech Topics : 5 Samples

1 minute speech topics served in five fine public speaking on unions, single parent family, felons voting, wind power turbines and illegal immigration issues. I provide possible main points as extra service for students and instructors, not only lists of ideas and theoretical stuff.

Why We Need Unions.

Main Point IUnions save and protect jobs - that is their core business.
IINegotiate settlements, pays and general contracts for industries.
IIIHelp you with solving work related problems and issues.
IVPrevent abuse of employees - e.g. working hours and scheduals.

The Negative Effects of a Single Parent Family.

IFinancial concerns cause stress for children - at least, it could be out of balance.
II The child misses real roots and develops separation anxiety.
IIIDisagreement on custody arrangements can harm the loyalty feelings to the mother or the father. In addition, it could have effects on the long term too, later in life.

Felons Should Be Allowed to Vote in Every State.

IIf felons should be able to vote they could influence close call elections. It could lead to more recounts perhaps?
IIFelons pay their debt to society so their civil rights, including the right to vote, should be restored.
IIIBlocking felons' voting rights often is based on racial arguments.

Speech quote on minutes of Robert Browning English poet

The majority of the resources on the net throw lists over the wall and say: good luck with it. Not me, I have written basic structured plans to elaborate on. I got many requests; and I would like to help you out!

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Wind Power Turbines Use Too Much Land Area.

IThe safety zone of one single wind turbine about 4 to 6 acres is far more than the space needed for a conventional power plant.
IIWind power turbines need up to 40 acres of free space to be efficive.
IIIAccess roads, transformator stations and lines to distribute the electricity demand extra land area too.

We Can Not Stop Illegal Immigration From Mexico.

IThe borders between the United States and Mexico borders are significantly under-patrolled.
IWidespread unemployment and poverty drives Mexican civilians to look for a job in the US.
IIIFines and sanctions for US employers who hire illegal immigrants are low.

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